When I think of Piper’s fashion taste I think of lots of floral prints, hearts, tribal print, turquoise, and feather earrings. ^u^ <3

A message from Anonymous
ASDGJK your art is so good!!!! You're great at the shadow and light effects etc. ;p

Wow!! Thank you for the compliment, that is so sweet of you! T^T <3 <3

A message from Anonymous
hi, ive been following you on deviantart and tumblr for quite some time now, and I have to say, you've Improved HEAPS from back then. sometimes I laugh when I see your art now because its actually so good and your lighting and your anatomy has improved vastly and I just wanted to say congratulations :) keep up the good work!

Ahhh improvement compliments are my favorites! That means so much to me!!

I know I can’t stand looking at my old stuff it feels like my eyes are burning xD. Sometimes it’s really weird to look back at my art I used to think was pretty good and then I look at it and it looks horrible to me now. O.O

Thank you so much!! I will continue trying to improve ^u^ <3 <3

A message from Anonymous
One of my favorite characters is Nico also (but I still love Leo too). Who do you ship Nico with? Are you waiting for the canon ship (there has to be one in the next book!!!!!!!!) or do you ship him with one of the guys in the group?

This is a conflicting question for me!! While I really love Jasico I ship Nico mostly with happiness. 

I know I’m always saying this but I really don’t think you need a significant other to be happy, and I would personally be extremely disappointed if Rick Riordan paired him off in the last book. (also he’s super young anyway). I think that he needs to learn to accept himself before he should be in a serious relationship. I just really want him to be happy.

That being said I would LOVE to see some friendships between Nico and others flourish in the last book, that would make me super happy. 

Jasico is a lot of fun for me to imagine outside of canon and play around with different ideas, but it’s not a ship that I would want becoming canon in the last book. The last book would be satisfying to me if Nico would start to accept himself and stop beating himself up for who he is. 

So in short, I ship Nico with happiness ^u^ 

A message from Anonymous
Oh yeah and also (same anon as the art Hero message) I am saying this on anon because I just- like want to be your friend but also I do not want to come over as on of these fangirls who just wants to be friends with an artist to Bragg or take advantage of you <3 ily

Ah I would never think you would be taking advantage of me! You can feel free to message me off anon, I promise I don’t bite haha! Also I have actually met quite a few friends on tumblr after they’ve messaged me telling me they like my art and then we just get talking and become friends, so don’t worry about it I’m sure you are absolutely lovely!! <3 ^u^

A message from Anonymous
I really like your style !!! You are so good at drawing poses (and hands OMFG hands are so hard to draw) so yeah I really look up to you and think you are amazing and sort of an art hero haha ;D keep up the good work and I hope this message will stay in your heart and brighten your day because I want you to be happy <3

I’m gonna die T^T you all are WAY too nice. And holy wow I’m not good at drawing hands xD they are unbelievably hard. Oh my goodness this is the sweetest message ever I feel so honored that you took time to send this to me, this really has brightened my day. <3 <3 I hope you are having a wonderful day as well!!

A message from Anonymous
I love your art!!!

Ahhh I’m getting so many nice messages today omg O.O thank you so so much!! T^T <3

A message from Anonymous
asdfghjkl I saw some of your art a while ago and I thought it was good, and wondered who drew it, and NOW I HAVE FOUND YOU.

Ahhh thank you so so much for telling me this, that is so sweet & I’m so happy you found me xD <3 <3

A message from Anonymous
Is it okay that I use your art as references?

Omg wow I’m flattered you would want to use them in the first place! I would suggest u not to use it as reference because there are so many mistakes in there xD but if you really want to that’s fine.

Just make sure no tracing and if you are trying to draw the exact pose and you post it online I would appreciate credit but I can’t force you to of course. thank you for asking!!

A message from ellabreaux
This is a 3-part question 1. What attracted you to the pjo/hoo series? 2. Who is your favorite character(s)? 3. What god would you be the demigod to?

Oh! Thank you for the questions!

1. In 6th grade our teachers were all making the classes read the Lightning Thief as part of our curriculum. I fell in love with the book and read the other 3 that were out at that time and then waited for the last one to come out in… 7th grade I think? During that point in my life my best friend and I became absolutely obsessed and would actually spend hours every day playing littlest pet shops as the percy jackson characters (omg I know we are weird xD. I was always the guy characters hahaha.)

2. When I read the very first book my favorite character was actually Grover! I’ve always had a thing for the sensitive awkward types hahha… >_>. Then as I read the others Nico quickly caught up and passed him as my favorite. I know there was a period when I started the second series that Leo became my favorite but Nico rose back to the top when I was waiting for House of Hades. 

Now my top 3 favorites are in this order: Nico, Jason, & Piper. Which is funny cuz I used to not really like Jason when I first started the 2nd series. 

3. I think about these questions way too much, and I can never make up my mind xD. Part of me wants to say I would be a daughter of Hades, maybe because of my tendency to isolate myself sometimes to a bit of an extreme, but another part of myself says maybe I would be a child of Athena because I love learning and I’m very interested in the human mind and while I don’t have an interest in learning specifics about architecture I certainly appreciate it’s beauty. It’s part of the reason I would like to live in Europe. But yeah I think over think these things to death so I really don’t know xD I’d probably be a mortal hahaha. 

Sorry this got so long! I can’t seem to ever make short answers ^^’

these two &lt;3&#8230; also on a side note I love drawing Piper, I think she&#8217;s one of my favorites to draw. 

these two <3… also on a side note I love drawing Piper, I think she’s one of my favorites to draw. 

"Go away Bianco, you&#8217;re not my mom! Don&#8217;t touch me,&#8221;

more genderbent Nico &amp; Bianca because I felt like breaking my own heart. &lt;3

"Go away Bianco, you’re not my mom! Don’t touch me,

more genderbent Nico & Bianca because I felt like breaking my own heart. <3


I had this mental picture of Nico summoning ink-like shadows and disappearing  into them, so I made this really short animation to give it a try ! 

The shadows were created from this free footage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71NVwY1J2ws&feature=c4-overview&list=UULxBCkZTCrdxw4qh1iz6F5Q . The video is web compressed so the quality isn’t so good, sorry about that. 

I guess one could say I’m slightly Nico-obssessed at the moment ;P
from this fanfiction chapter 11 cuz I needed to practice backgrounds haha. His name is Nathan and it&#8217;s not my character, or my fanfiction. 

from this fanfiction chapter 11 cuz I needed to practice backgrounds haha. His name is Nathan and it’s not my character, or my fanfiction. 

A message from Anonymous
can you make bianca and nico playing mythomagic diushfyeru pleasee i love your art ;;w;;

Ah sorry! I don’t take requests, but I am planning on doing another picture of them together… genderbent but still xD Sorry again!! I would do requests but I just don’t have the willpower :(